Erectile Dysfunction

Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a prestigious veteran in the kingdom of drug industry, has stimulated sexual revolution in the life of millions of couples who were bearing the frustration of erectile dysfunction through the amazing drug Viagra developed by it in 1998 for the first time. Erectile dysfunction also called impotence is a condition in which the person is unable to erect his penis completely thus one’s sexual relation gets affected badly. Viagra thankfully is helping such couples save the pleasures of their intimate relation. Due to increased cases of impotence being reported all over the world, a number of other drug producing companies are also developing the drugs for impotence but Pfizer’s Viagra has gained the reputation of being the most trust-worthy drug available in the market for the treatment of impotence. Viagra effectively helps you recover from the crippling condition of impotence and provides you the full opportunity to enjoy sexual pleasures you truly deserve.

The phenomenon of erection starts when you watch any sexualy stimulating scene. On watching any erotic scene, brain sends signals to the vessels of penis. The vessels under the command of signals from the brain dilate. The dilation of vessels creates small pores in their walls through which blood flows out and enters the sinuses in the erectile tissue of the penis. As soon as the sinuses get filled with blood, penis erects. Impotence leaves the person unable to erect his penis because of decreased level of cGMP. cGMP is the chief dilator of the penile vessels. If its concentration is decreased, erection is not strong enough. Viagra arrests the enzyme phosphodiesterase which converts cGMP into GMP, thus increases the concentration of cGMP resulting in strong erection.

Regarding the administration of the drug, few things are not to be taken lightly. The drug should only be administered once daily and no more. The drug should not be taken alsong with nitrate contaning drugs, protease inhibitors and erythromycin antibiotic. The drug shouldn’t be taken if you have suffered from stroke, renal problem, hepatic problem or liver disease. Alcohol consumption should be avoided to its minimum. Full sexual stimulation is to be there in order to observe remarkably the effects of the drug. Take the medication half an hour before sexual interaction, and you would be able to observe its sexual erection accelerating effects for four hours straight. Though, it’s the safets remedy avail able for ED, possible side effects are dizziness, diarrhea, cyanotic vision, hearing loss, nasal congestion, runny nose and flushing. If any of the side effects persist, contact your physician immediately. Do not let your sexual frustration override your erection with Viagra being available to cure it all.

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