About Viagra Blue Pill

In today’s world, where industrialization has helped us a lot in enjoying luxurious life, at the same time it has affected human health adversely through noise and air pollution. One of the manifestations of increased noise and air pollution is erectile dysfunction. Impotence-an emerging problem with the development of industrialization is affecting millions of men today. This has urged a number of companies to develop drugs which would help erection. A famous pharmaceutical company, Pfizer pharmaceuticals, is on the mission to overcome impotence through its well-known product Viagra since 1998. Viagra commonly called “blue pill” is a drug which helps men having erectile dysfunction to achieve potent erection. This highly effective drug has found to overcome erection in men of every age group.

Viagra charges your erection by increasing the blood flow to the penis. Normally erection occurs when blood enters in the spongy tissue of the penis. The blood enters in the spongy tissue when vessels of the penis dilate. This dilation is caused by a factor cGMP which is a by-product of catabolism of GTP. The GTP is converted into cGMP by the action of an enzyme called guanylyl cyclase. Guanylyl cyclase is activated by the action of Nitric Oxide. The Nitric Oxide is produced in the endothelial cells of the vessels of penis from L-arginine, an amino acid. L-arginine is converted into Nitric oxide by the action of an enzyme called Nitric Oxide synthase. This synthesis of Nitric Oxide occurs in the endothelial cells under the stimulation of signals from brain. Brain sends signals to endothelial cells when you receive a sexual stimulation from your partner. Viagra halts the enzyme called phosphodiesterase which is responsible for decreasing the level of cGMP, thus this drug effectively elevates the concentration of cGMP which then plays its role in erection. However for the drug to perform its action optimally, sexual stimulation is also necessary.

The blockbuster drug of Pfizer pharmaceuticals, Viagra, is popularly known in the community of its users as the blue pill. Not only is the drug used for medical treatment purposes but it is also famous for its use for luxury of sexual pleasure. It gives an awesome erection time of four hours when accompanied by appropriate sexual stimulation. The drug is advised to be half an hour before sexual interaction for not more than once in 24 hour time. The drug is safe to be used for men of all age groups but is contraindicated with nitrate containing drugs, erythromycin, protease inhibitors, individuals with heart, kidney and liver problems and other vasodilators. Possible side effects of the drug are dizziness, diarrhea, flushing, runny nose, nasal congestion, priapism, hypotension, cyanotic vision and possibly hearing loss. The available dosages of the drug are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg. Increase in the drug dose should always be resorted upon physician’s consultation.

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Do not stop taking Generic Viagra without your doctor’s consent as it can be harmful to your health. Pregnant women should not take Generic Viagra because it can harm the fetus. Also breast feeding women should avoid Generic Viagra because it can be found in breast milk. Always remember to inform your doctor when you are planning to get pregnant while under Generic Viagra medication.